Sometimes people need extra help bringing order to their lives. Certain emotional and psychological challenges can make getting organized seem overwhelmingly difficult.  Perhaps you have ADHD, are suffering from depression, or are even dealing with a hoarding situation.  Getting organized can be a frustrating and emotional process. And you don't have to do it by yourself. 

If clutter is crowding your home, deciding what to keep and what needs to go can be deeply trying, as can staying focused. I understand. That's why we'll work together to create a system of organization that suits your own needs and lifestyle. 

I'll be your partner—someone who can work within your comfort zone and at your pace to make positive changes and help maintain them.

Together, we can: 

• Declutter your space.

• Manage your papers, calendar, and daily routine.

• Develop a customized strategy for staying organized that you maintain.



Conquering a Home Office in the Face of ADHD

Mary is a graphic designer whose ADHD had hindered her repeated attempts to keep her office organized. Mary wanted a space that would be a pleasure to work in. The problem was that she could never seem to remember where she put things or was too distracted to maintain the environment she longed for.

A major problem in Mary’s office was a wall of built-in cubbies that was jam-packed with art supplies and office materials. It was vertical chaos from floor to ceiling. We worked together to tackle that wall one step at a time. Active projects were placed in prominent cubbies and removed from Mary’s desk, which freed up a much-needed workspace while allowing Mary to access projects that required her immediate focus. Meanwhile, office items were sorted, consolidated by type, and stored systematically based on how often Mary used them. 

While working together, we addressed ADHD issues such as the visual aspects of an organized system, overcoming boredom, and handling maintenance.  And now, Mary has an office that serves her well. She can find what she needs easily and focus on what she does best: wowing her clients with creative graphic design solutions.


Call me today and let’s talk about getting organized.