About KarenKarenG530x756

As a long-time Brooklyn resident, I’m no stranger to small spaces. Let’s face it: New York City homes aren’t exactly known for being open and roomy. That’s why you deserve someone creative, compassionate, and open-minded to come in and help you fashion an environment that lets you feel at ease. 

Being good at my job requires more than just patience and strong listening skills; it’s about knowing how to respond to your needs, no matter what your background happens to be, and work with who you are to make changes for the better. 

Getting organized isn’t simply a matter of putting things away or alphabetizing your filing cabinet—it’s about taking control of your life in a manner that allows your time and your space to permanently work for you, not against you.

Though I’ve spent years honing my organizational skills, the one thing I truly bring to the table is a lifetime of helping people. I hold a master’s degree in Art Therapy and a post master’s certificate in Aging. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to showing people how to take back control of their lives and create living environments that serve them well.

I love being a professional organizer — and I love talking about it too! I've spoken on topics such as:

  • The emotional angle of organizing
  • Organizing for parents and seniors
  • Clearing home office clutter
  • ADHD and its chanllenges

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